• EPC



  • Secure the best employment terms and conditions for global workforce irrespective to color raced or religion.
  • To be concerned on the quality, professionalism and competence of the recruits we provide to our foreign principal/employer.
  • To be recognized as the most trusted and preferred manpower provider by the international business community.


  • Our EPC management work, a high level of experience and dedication to the industry required, along with an advanced degree in a field related to science, engineering, manufacturing in Oil & Gas.
  • As a world leader in staffing for the energy, process and infrastructure industries, First OG Hitch works with some of the largest companies in order to supply fuel and power the world.
  • Our organization is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system.


  • We provide Stnadalone Solor Photovoltaic Energy supply system in Remote monitoring & telecommunication system, Cathodic Protection System, Chemical injection skid systems, Instrumentation & Control, Solar pumping system, Solar water treatment and Water ozonation system.
  • We are heading in the direction of a low carbon future, the way the world thinks about renewable energy has undergone a remarkable change and we play the major role in it.
  • Where there are new drivers for growth and success towards future energy in technology and R & D in renewable energy First OG Hitch has the major role.


  • The Company undertakes EPC projects of High Voltage Electrical Switching and Distribution Substations, Distribution network and HV/EHV Cabling project works worldwide.
  • The company is having strong in-house design & engineering, global supply chain management team and highly experienced project management team to deliver these projects as per customer’s specific requirements.
  • The company is involved in the design and planning elements of power transmission, but is also responsible for the on-site inspection, repair and maintenance of transmission networks, avalanche protection design and studies.


  • We provide comprehensive testing and analysis planning, in field-proven equipment, powerful software with expats who are specialized with comprehensive appraisal, production, and extended well testing.
  • We are specialized with Proven interpretation methods, powerful modeling capabilities, and build even the most complex models resulting in the highest analysis quality and confidence.
  • We provide services in well test design, operations and interpretation on all types of wells and reservoirs worldwide. We help you to obtain the best quality data with maximum value and minimum cost.


  • We have broaden our horizon and have expertise for executing projects of Oil & Gas and also have in house capabilities of developing Detailed engineering for Oil & Gas projects.
  • We are specialize in installation, commissioning, of structures, piping, tanks and vessels, equipment in Oil & Gas. 
  • We provide Oil & Gas finite resources for extraction which is a complex process, carried out in remote and hazardous conditions with extreme amount of skill, planning, and execution expertise.


  • We offers a complete range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to Oil & Gas owners.
  • First OG Hitch has experience in setting up full scope O&M organizations to ensure safe and efficient operations, and effective management.
  • We are specialized at both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. As the overall EPC / O&M contractor for major power plant investments.


  • Safety can be improved over all phases of a project, from concept selection through to operations. Genesis provides a comprehensive range of Technical Safety services that support safe performance of a facility over its entire life cycle.

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